Cultivating your
local experience.

Giving you the opportunity to slow down, reconnect, and enjoy the incredible local offerings that surround you. Relaxing weekend wagon rides around Grills Orchards and nearby fields. Reminiscent of a simpler and less complicated time. At Grills Orchards, everyone can connect with the working farm, from gazing upon the chickens to biting into a fresh apple they’ve just picked themselves.

For youngsters, a visit to Grills Orchards is an opportunity to learn, explore, and have some good old fashion fun. For others, Grills Orchards is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon, and it’s not uncommon for folks to spend hours peacefully walking around the farm.

Check out what’s in store…

Open year-round, Grills Orchards Country Market store located on Grills Rd, just off Highway 401 between Belleville and Trenton Ontario.

It’s easy to get to, a pleasure to browse around, and a great place to stock up on locally grown in-season fruits and vegetables, condiments, cheese’s, frozen meats, and preserves.

You’ll experience excellent customer service, as well as find the area’s best selection of apples, homemade pies, and baked goods, fresh apple cider, ice cream, and so much more! And remember, if Grills orchards didn’t grow it, one of our neighbours did.

More than a few seasonal reasons to stop by…

Corn maze.

Every spring Grills Orchards plants a 10-acre Corn Maze, a lot of creative energy, and a tremendous amount of work goes into this project to make it the best corn maze in the area.

Pick Your Own!

Apple picking at Grills Orchards is truly a fun-filled experience. You can wander the orchard at your own pace and pick the apple of your choice.

Fresh-made treats.

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter than the naturally sweet and crisp Grills apples, then Grills Orchards has you covered.

We have over fifteen incredible varieties of apples for you to enjoy.

COVID-19 has changed almost everything in our lives. This fall, we hoped to offer a familiar pick-your-own experience and give everyone a chance to enjoy the farm. As we started developing our policies and procedures to protect our guests and staff, we came to the tough decision that the best thing for us would be not too open our regular on-farm activities for the 2020 season. (Activities closed will be pick-your-own apples, pick-your-own pumpkins, hayrides and the corn maze).

Our store will continue to be open to serve you every day as normal, with all COVID-19 standards. We are working hard to keep our store safe and clean as possible for our customers and staff, limiting the number of customers in the store at any given time and frequently sanitizing surfaces, such as freezer lids, counters, carts, and door handles.

Our online store at is always open and will be continuously updated with fresh in-season products when they become available. You can order online or by phone at 613-968-6757 for curbside pickup and in-store pickup.

We came to this conclusion, mostly based on the nature of our business. In recent years, we have been growing our on-farm experiences and creating many popular activities. All of which would have to be monitored, regulated and continuously disinfected, stretching our staff thin and making the wait times extremely long, risking the standard of service expected from us.

With lots of people from out of town coming to the farm. At the same time, dealing with the uncertainty of local schools reopening and the challenges that creates. We had to put the well-being of our customers, staff and our community first. We understand this will upset many of our customers, and we are genuinely sorry for that. We hope for your understanding through these tough times and for your continued support now and in the future.