Pick your own apples.

Have you ever eaten an apple that you picked yourself off of a tree?

It can’t get any fresher! All picking is from the ground, no ladders necessary, so even the smallest family member can be part of the fun. We love it when our guests come out and enjoy our apple picking experience. It’s a wonderful way to learn where food comes from and how it’s grown. Join us this season and create life long memories with your friend’s family.

The best corn maze in the area.

And, of course, so our customers can enjoy even more family fun during their visit to Grills Orchards.

Compared to our corn maze designs of previous years, this one will have many new and different challenges, for those of you who’ve tested the maze in past years, it will be a new challenge for you and the new maze visitors alike, this is a great family fall event. Each year we have a completely new maze design for you to enjoy.

Fabulous adventures & educational fun.

Looking to organize a school trip or community event for the youngsters?

We have been a go-to spot for many years, and we’ve been a huge hit for class trips and other group events for children. From apple picking, tractor rides, and the corn maze, you can be sure to keep the young-ones happy and learning. Contact us for more details and how to organize your day!